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Other Ways to Use Gutters

GuttersGutters can be found on nearly every building because they serve such an important function in controlling the flow of water from the roof. Gutters can also be used for a variety of other projects around the home, however. Check out a few ways you can use gutters in creative ways.


A section of gutter can become a perfect picture ledge or bookshelf. Simply crimp end caps onto a short section of gutter and mount it to the wall with screws. The gutter bookshelf or picture ledge may be any desired length, and can be painted in any color, making it a very adaptable and versatile option. Several sections can also be used on the same wall to provide a unique look.

Drink Trough

Impress your friends or family with a cool drink trough embedded in the picnic table. Remove a section of plank from the middle of the picnic table top, crimp end caps onto a length of gutter, seal the end caps with silicone caulk if desired, and install the gutter into the table top using screws. The trough can be filled with ice and cold beverages for a refreshing outdoor dining experience. Don’t forget to put a few drainage holes in the bottom to let out melting ice.

Cable Organization

Computer and electronics cords can become a tangled mess beneath a desk or table, but these unsightly cords can be corralled using a gutter. Use a small section of gutter and screw it to the wall or a desk leg to serve as a protected channel to run cords through. Keeping the cords all inside this section of gutter brings organization to your desk space and keeps your computer area looking neat and clean.

Organize Your Shop

Small sections of gutter are also ideal for shop or garage storage. Use multiple small sections screwed to the wall to store small cords, screws, nuts, bolts and other odds and ends, giving you a convenient way to organize the clutter and quickly find anything you need in your work space.

Do Some Planting

Windowsill planters are a popular way to bring some green indoors. A short section of gutter can be used to make a unique windowsill planter. Cut the gutter to fit the width of the window, crimp end caps onto the gutter and seal it shut to prevent water leakage. Then simply plant your favorite flowers or indoor plants and let them grow.

Gutter lengths can also protect your seedlings outdoors. A spring frost can spell doom for young plants, but a section of gutter turned upside down and placed over the top of a row of seedlings provides instant frost protection. For windy days, weigh down the cutter with some rocks or other weights or use tent stakes to keep it in place.

There are many fun and unique ways to use gutters around the home, and Alaska Premier Gutters can provide seamless gutters for your home projects or help with your gutter installation, replacement or repair. To learn more, give us a call today at 907-272-2337 or 907-244-1338.

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