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Animals That May Be Living In Your Gutters

Animals That May Be Living In Your Gutters

If you’re like most homeowner’s, you don’t think about your gutters every day. Gutters are a small but significant addition to your home. During the warm summer months, it is easy for dirt and debris to build up in your gutter system but, there may also be other things clogging your gutters. Many different animals seek shelter in gutters because they are easily accessible, proved seclusion and it is a good place to rest.Animals That May Be Living In Your Gutters

Here are some of the animals that may be living in your home’s gutter system.

Insects- Insects like bees, hornets, and wasps are some of the most common creatures that may be taking up residence in your gutters. These kind of insects like to nest in the corners along the brackets. Although these creatures are pretty small, the weight from their hives or nests can cause significant structural damage if they aren’t addressed right away. Animals That May Be Living In Your Gutters

Opossums- Because of their nocturnal lifestyle, they are very active at night. You may discover that you have an opossum living in your gutter if you hear scratching noises at night. Opossums are very territorial and may become violent if approached. Female opossums find gutters to be a great place to birth her litter. In this case, it is best to contact a professional to remove the animal.

Snakes- You may find a snake slithering through your gutter system. It is a great location, especially if you don’t routinely clean your gutters, to find other rodents and small animals to eat.

Squirrels– This is another animal that is commonly found in gutter systems. It is best to keep trees near Animals That May Be Living In Your Guttersyour roof trimmed because these critters can easily crawl from a tree limb to the roof of your house.

Birds– These winged creatures love to create nests high up in trees and in your gutters. It can provide safety and seclusion and is a great place to build a nest and lay eggs. Although it may be great for the bird it is not so great for your home. The weight from the bird’s nest can cause damage to your gutter system. Birds can also become very aggressive when approaching their nest so be sure to hire a professional to remove it.

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