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The Importance of Getting Your Gutters Ready for the Summer

The Importance of Getting Your Gutters Ready for the Summer

Once the warm weather hits and the sun starts shining the first thing on your mind is…cleaning your gutters? Probably not, but it is something that should be done at least twice a year. To ensure that your gutter system is working properly it is important to maintain upkeep.

Check Your GuttersPreparing Your Gutters for Summer

A simple test to see whether your gutter system is working correctly is to use a hose and spray water into your gutters. If your system is working properly the water will flush away from your home. If the water stays in your gutters, your gutter system may need to be further inspected immediately.

When the seasons change debris that has built up will collect in your gutter system. Things like pollen, leave, and twigs can get caught in your gutters, stopping the water from flowing freely.

When your gutters are blocked, this can pose a significant issue to your home. If the issue is not addressed promptly it can cause permanent damage that can result in costly repairs.

If you decide to clean your gutters yourself remember to be careful and make sure you have someone around to spot you while you are on the roof. Use a sturdy ladder, safety goggles, and protective gloves.

Remove Debris

Natural debris can clog your gutter system. To prevent blockages in your gutters, trim any tree branches near your roof. Branches can break and fall onto your gutters, potentially blocking that water flow. Be sure to clip any foliage that could potentially end up in your gutter system.

Remember to check your downspouts and be sure that the water is flowing away from your house. If the water remains around your house it can begin to damage the foundation which is a very costly repair.

Hire A Professional

Before attempting to fix any serious issues with your gutters, consult a professional. Alaska Premier Gutters provides a wide variety of gutter repair services and gutter installation. Visit our services page to see how we can help your home’s gutter system today!