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Fall Is Approaching; Here’s How To Prepare Your Home

Fall Is Approaching; Here’s How To Prepare Your Home

Soon leaves will be falling off the trees, temperatures will drop, and the first snowflakes of the year will fall. Although Summer is not officially over yet, winter is will be coming soon. This means now is the perfect time to make sure that your home is fully prepared and winterized for the season ahead.

Here are five major areas to check to get ready for the chilly months approaching:

Check for DraftsFall and Winter Home Preparation Checklist

Keeping your home warm can be difficult if cold air is getting in. Take some incense – or, if you smoke, a lit cigarette – and place it near areas where cold air might sneak in, like around windows or doors. If the smoke is being blown, you have a draft. Check seals around doors and windows and work to make sure these spaces are airtight.

Clean Chimney

It can be very easy for chimneys to accumulate a buildup of ash, creosote and other materials on their interior walls. This can create a blockage that allows smoke to blow back into your home. If your chimney is blocked, it could be a serious fire hazard, especially since creosote is highly flammable. Before you light your fireplace or furnace, inspect your chimney and hire a chimney sweep, if needed.

Fall and Winter Home Preparation ChecklistReverse Ceiling Fans

Normally, your ceiling fans blow downward, to help make you feel cooler. In the winter it is best to create an updraft to help circulate the rising warm air back down into the room. Reversing your fans’ direction will help keep heat in your home by circulating warm air and can even save you money on your heating bill.

Check Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Fall and winter are the seasons we spend the most time at home so it is important to be sure the safety systems are working properly. A stray spark from your fireplace could lead to a fire without you realizing it, or a break in your gas-burning exhaust line could allow odorless carbon monoxide into your home, so be sure these detectors are fully powered with working batteries. This is key to protecting your home.

Clean GuttersFall Is Approaching; Here's How To Prepare Your Home

As the leaves fall off the trees, a majority end up on the ground, but many will end up in your gutter, along with small twigs, sticks and other debris. By cleaning out your gutters, you can ensure proper drainage of snowmelt throughout the season and avoid ice buildups that could end up damaging your gutters or even the roofing of your home.

Home preparation can be a lot of work, but the professional team at Alaska Premier Gutters help! We offer professional gutter cleaning services to ensure that your gutters are functioning as they should all year long. For more information or to book an appointment, call us at 907-272-2337 or contact us here!