Unique Ideas for Repurposing Gutters

A lot of people are unversed in do-it-yourself gutterdom. They either don’t want to deal with repairing faulty gutters or they choose to hang onto them like an eye sore. Did you know that you can repurpose these gutters into household items? Check out our list of alternative gutter uses below.

Unique Ideas for Repurposing Gutters

Thwart Stray Animals

It can be quite irritating when you find out neighborhood cats are dwelling in your backyard at night, especially if you maintain a garden or a well-kept lawn. You can scare away stray animals by placing the open end of a gutter on the top of the fence surrounding your backyard garden to prevent them from climbing on top, or, if you have a chain link or unhinged fence leading to your backyard, you can use gutter material to block any holes the animals might be able to climb through.

Steel Gutter Message Board

If you take a rubber mallet to a piece of galvanized steel gutter, you can transform the home trimming into a message board. Steel gutters rust, and once they do, they will most likely need a new coat of paint. If you’re not up for the task, you can repurpose them into this everyday item by leaving the lip secured on one side of the gutter and hooking it onto a kitchen utensil rail.

Children’s Boat Racing Game

Do you have a pair of dingy-looking vinyl rain gutters that you want to toss? If you have kids, you will appreciate this creative do-it-yourself project. Vinyl gutters can be used in boat races! To set this up, just place two sections of gutter a few inches from the side of a table. Fill the gutters with water and sail away! Game details can be found here.

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