Complement or Accent? Choosing the Right Gutter Color

Gutters are an extremely important part of the home. They protect your home from water damage by directing rain and snow melt away from your home and are important to protecting your roof and your foundation from storm damage.

However, there is a certain aesthetic appeal to your gutters to consider, as well. When choosing to add or replace gutters, you have a choice: pick a color that serves as an accent shade to your property or a color that complements your home’s style. At Alaska Premier Gutters, we have 20 different color options for you to select from, but how do you decide which approach is best?

If you want your home to look continuous and sleek, the best course of action is to find gutters that complement the color of your home’s trim. By selecting gutters in a similar shade to your home’s existing siding or trim your gutters won’t stand out too much, helping create a more fluid and unobtrusive overall look. By choosing similar shades for your gutters, you’ll keep the contemporary and smooth, sleek appearance to your property.

If you want your gutters to accent your home instead, you’ll want to choose a bold color that pairs but contrasts with the color of your home. A bold color choice can make your home stand out, providing a unique aesthetic appeal that gives your property a unique look unlike others on the market or in your neighborhood. You want to be selective with your color choice, however, so that you don’t pick colors that don’t match or that are too vivid when compared to your house, taking away from the overall look of your house and drawing the eyes just to the gutters. We think gutters are beautiful, of course, but not everyone does, so pick a color that completes your home’s overall look, not that draws the focus away.

Picking a color for a stone or brick can seem difficult as well, but if you have a garage, there’s a simple solution: Choose a color that matches the shade of your garage siding. This will provide a unity of color between your home and garage and improve the overall appearance of your property instead of drawing attention away from it.

The 20 different color options available from Alaska Premier Gutters means that you can customize the outside of your home however you like while giving your home the drainage solution you need. To learn more or to get an estimate for gutter installation at your home, give us a call at 907-272-2337 today.

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