Collecting Rainwater from Your Gutters

Harvesting rainwater from your gutter system can be a gCollecting Rainwater from Your Guttersreat way to use natural resources and reduce costs. There are many benefits to harvesting rainwater and different methods to collect it. With water shortages increasing across the nation, it is important to rely on other sources besides our indoor water system.

Rainwater can be used in place of tap water. This is a great way to decrease your environmental footprint. Before you begin the process of collecting rainwater, check your state laws for rules and regulations.

Here are some of the benefits of collecting rainwater:

  • Rainwater is a relatively clean and totally free source of water
  • It promotes self-sufficiency and helps conserve waterIt can be used as a main source of water or as a backup source to wells and municipal water
  • It reduces stormwater runoff from homes and businesses. The elimination of runoff can reduce contamination of surface water with pesticides, metals, sediment, and fertilizers.
  • It is an excellent source of water for plants and landscape irrigation because it has no chemicals such as fluoride and chloramines.
  • Rainwater harvesting can reduce flooding and erosion.
  • It can solve the drainage problems on your property while providing you with free water

An easy way to collect water is to use a barrel attached directly to the gutter’s downspout. Be sure that the barrel you use has a hole with a spout so you can easily access the water.

Before beginning your harvesting of rainwater, ensure that your gutters are in good condition by scheduling a routine gutter maintenance.

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